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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Payasi Rajannya Sutta

Kumara Kassapa, accompanied by an assembly of five hundred Bhikkhus, came to the town of Setavvya in Kosala. At that time Prince Payasi was residing in Setavvya. The Prince had such a wrong Philosophic view : There is no other world; no beings arise again after death, there are no consequenceness f good or bad deads.
Prince Payasi visited Venerable Kumara Kassapa and maintained before him the philosophic view he had adhered to for so long. He told him about all the experiments he had done so far. He had asked some friends of his at their death-bed, to come back and tell him the news of the other world, but none of them had ever come back to tell him about it.
Venerable Kumara Kassapa explained to him, by means of several similes, that this world does exist, that the other called Paraloka, and the fruits of one’s good and evil actions also exist. At least Prince Payasi admitted his error and accepted the discipleship of the Bhikkhus. After death, Payasi was born among the heavenly beings known as the Maharajaka of the Four Quarters.